Top 10 Best Free Apps

Top 10 Best Free Apps you should have on your Smartphone

You can’t expect to utilize your smartphone to the fullest without having few essential apps installed in it. Today, we have a plethora of options while singling out the Apps for our smartphones. Ranging from lifestyle to entertainment – there is an endless number of apps to choose from. Here is the list of top 10 best free apps that you must have on your smartphone:

Here are the Most Popular & the Best Free Apps in India:



What do you need after a boring and hectic day? Well, the answer may be Entertainment, Entertainment, and Entertainment. If your thoughts resonate with this fact, then you need to check out the Hotstar App. It’s trending and has all the top-rated shows stored for you from the Star Network. You can stream the shows anytime, and from anywhere you want. Hotstar has also launched the Originals, which is also worth spending few hours.


Are you a cricket junkie? How can an App like Cricbuzz go unnoticed in that case? Cricbuzz offers you all the latest and fastest updates regarding the live cricket matches as well as the matches going to occur soon. Enjoy the super-fast ball to ball commentary installing Cricbuzz on your device.


Have you shared files via Bluetooth? Well, the Bluetooth sharing has been redefined with 200 times faster speed. Just install the App, open it and share photos, videos, audios and other files in High-quality with your buddies.

UC News

Stay updated about what’s going on in the world with the Alibaba Group’s UC News App. The App is available in both the languages – English and Hindi.


This is one App that can help you several times a day and you will get addicted to it soon. Now, you can get your caller’s identity on your phone installing this great App.


Access the complete ocean of videos of various genres on your device installing the latest YouTube App. You can save the videos for offline watching as well using the App.


Share snaps, share colors and share happiness in your buddy circle. If you can’t help taking frequent photos of the random stuff or like posting your selfies every so often – Instagram is your pick.


Now, connecting with your friends and family on Facebook has become unbelievingly easier with the Messenger App. Chat with your loved ones easily and share files and stickers fast using the Messenger App from Facebook.


The biggest social platform is pretty tough to resist. Almost the whole world is here, how can you be not? Connect with your national and international friends in an awesome manner installing the trendy Facebook App with improved features.


If something has redefined ‘Chatting,’ it’s surely the WhatsApp app. Stay connected for hours with your buddies, post in the groups, exchange files and call each other seamlessly using WhatsApp.

Well, the Android and iOS worlds are flooded with compelling and useful App, but you can have everything on your phone. However, you can go for some essential picks this year to make your life easier. Try using the Apps above and see the difference in your life.

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