10 Years of the iPhone

10 Years of the iPhone

Ten years on – larger, slimmer and still residing on the throne.

A decade back, on 9 January 2007, Steve Jobs came up with startling news -an idea for one single device that could replace three individual products – a mobile phone, an iPod and an internet communication device. And on 29th June, the world had its first ever revolutionary iPhone. Ten years from then, Apple has not just marked its 10th anniversary of launch but has made it large in the smartphone industry.


10 Years of the iPhone History


The people on and off the Internet, both the Apple users and even the non-users cannot stop publishing superior words for this revolutionary device. The fact that cannot be overlooked is that one of the major reasons behind iPhone’s sensation is Steve Jobs and his team which never stopped looking into its possible future. From iPhone 1st generation launched on 29th June 2007 to iPhone 7 Plus launched on 16 September 2016 – iPhone has gone larger and slimmer, but its core function and quality guarantee remain the same.

The smartphone is considered to be the most successful invention of the 21st century, and its success is marked by more than a billion sales which are only expected to go up more rapidly in the coming years.

But apart from Steve Jobs and Tim Cook, no one would have ever imagined that it would come so far and get so big. When the first 8 GB iPhone was launched, it was retailed at almost $600 as opposed to a Motorola’s Razr2 which had a price of $250. Jobs knew that people couldn’t resist buying a phone which could send emails, play music, capture pictures, and the whole world was filled with surprise and awe.

Apple’s iPhone has lucratively changed the lifestyle of people. With easiest access to the internet and an amazing camera, its users have begun to consume and share a lot of media. The build quality of the iPhone, its incredible display, and technology like motion and orientation sensors meant that its competitors had to step up the game. It is interesting to see the pace at which other manufacturers can be seen imitating iPhone and the quality standards Apple has set. The whole smartphone industry has benefited from this development.

And unlike any other brand out there in the market, Apple has been successful in bringing out new technology and new features with every new iPhone they launch. These functions turn out to be so in trend and so well-structured that other companies automatically felt the urge to duplicate it in some way or the other. For instance, the fingerprint recognition was copied by almost every other smartphone brand and model.

But it’s not like there is no competition in the digital market for Apple. Phone manufacturing companies like Samsung, Google, and Motorola have managed to give it a tough competition, but Apple has managed to beat them all and has continued its stay on the throne.

Apple as a brand and corporation is certainly growing bigger day by day, and its market capitalization is one solid proof for that. Any guesses on who could turn out to be the world’s first trillion dollars company? Wait for iPhone 8, and then you’ll see the new record being set.

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