IS a Honda extended warranty worth it?

You may have come across a number of articles on the benefits and value you would enjoy with a Honda extended warranty. If the question in your mind is still “is an extended warranty worth it”. Then you’re in luck! We’ve written this concise and comprehensive guide as to why an extended warranty is worth it.

We’ll look at the coverage difference and the value you would derive from simply paying a small extra amount every month, on top of what you would already be paying for your car.

So without further ado, let’s go!

The Added Coverage

There’s no doubt that Honda will already be offering you its standard manufacturer’s warranty. Under this, your car’s Powertrain, which includes the engine, transmission, and axle, would be covered for 60000 miles. Additionally, your car would be protected for any defects for 36000 miles, or 3 years, whichever lapses first.

The extended warranty would provide coverage for your car’s Powertrain for 7 years, or 100000 miles, whichever lapses first. You’re getting an additional 40000 miles and 4 years of coverage compared to the standard warranty!

Upgraded Protection

The entire point of a warranty is to protect you and your car from any exorbitant repairs. Most issues related to your car’s critical components, which include the entire Powertrain assembly, pop up after the 70000-mile mark. Moreover, repair bills for critical components go into the thousands for parts alone, and when you consider labour costs, the bills would cause a great amount of stress for anyone.

With the extended warranty, you’d also be saved from having to find a mechanic on your own. In today’s world, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a mechanic who can do a reliable job at a fair price. Save yourself from this grief and just opt for the upgraded protection that an extended warranty is bound to offer.

Additional Benefits

Under the extended warranty, you’d have access to official Honda service centres around the country, and will be able to enjoy additional benefits with the dealership you purchased the car and extended warranty from. As we mentioned above, you won’t be worried about finding a mechanic as official Honda authorized personnel would be working on your car.

Your car’s resale value is also bound to go up. Potential buyers most definitely see extended warranties as a positive, as the car would have been worked on, if at all, by authorized personnel. The transferability is also another appealing factor for buyers, as they would be saved from having to pay the full amount of the extended warranty.


As we had mentioned in the very beginning, your dealership will most probably offer you a financing option for your extended warranty. This would be built into the monthly payment that you would be paying for the car, under the car’s financing plan. You won’t have to worry about paying out of pocket, which makes the extended warranty more affordable and accessible for a wider range of customers.