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Do All Laptops Give The Battery Life That The Manufacturer Promises?

It is not surprising if a laptop user complains about being disappointed by the battery performance of their device. Laptops usually offer a battery life that is way less than what is promised by their manufacturers. And after multiple studies and experiments which have been conducted to find out the best and the worst performers, we have crystal clear results to offer.

Apple MacBooks are the undefeated champions when it comes to battery life. They are known to offer a battery life that is close to or more than the promised 10 hours. Whereas the worst ones are the most popular, and the most preferred ones, which fail to provide even half the amount of battery they promise.

Do All Laptops Give The Actual Battery Life That The Manufacturer Promises

This makes one thing very clear; that majority of laptops certainly do not offer the battery life that is promised by their manufacturers. And the sad part here is, this applies to most of the leading laptop producing brands, let alone the unknown ones. However, the only exception continues to be Apple which has till now kept its chin up and has not given its users a chance to complain about its battery performance.

When questioned about the false claims made by these companies about the battery performance, a lot of them escape by simply saying that testing conditions of laptop battery by experts are different from normal usage by users. This brings to the question the actual battery life that the user gets to experience.

And to know more about it, a consumer group ‘Which’ recently conducted an experiment. This experiment involved testing laptops from seven different brands for their actual battery life. During the experiment, they fully charged all the given laptops and continued using them till the battery died out. This was done more than once, for each laptop, to get assured results.

The results of the experiment were as follows:

  1. Dell – The makers claim that the device can offer a 9-hour long battery, and during the experiment, it lasted for just 5 hours.
  2. HP – The makers of HP promise a battery life of 9-10 hours, the device lasted for merely 5 hours.
  3. Lenovo – Against a promised battery life of 6-7 hours, this one lasted only 4 hours.
  4. Acer – The manufacturer promises to offer a 7-8 hour long battery life, and during the experiment offered a 4:30-hour performance.
  5. Asus – This is the one which goes on to promise a battery life of 10 hours, and died a few minutes short of 6 hours.
  6. Toshiba – The makers of this laptop also promise a battery life of 7-8 hours, but what was delivered was somewhere short of 5 hours.
  7. Apple – This is the only device which pleasantly surprised the experts by offering a battery life longer than the promised 10 hours. A MacBook Pro lasted for 10 hours and 15 minutes on a full, single charge.

These were the results of the experiment conducted by ‘Which?’ this goes on to prove that majority of the makers are only able to provide just half the amount of battery life they promise their users. All the laptops in the above experiment were charged fully, and were used much like a normal user would use them involving net surfing, films download and viewing, thus resulting in the above-mentioned figures.

The reasons behind these results and the lacking performance are not very clear, but what is certainly clear is the false claims being made by these companies, and which is the one that can truly deliver.

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