Nokia 3310

Nokia relaunches its old Nokia 3310 Phone

The Nokia 3310 phone oozes a good deal of nostalgia in our minds! For most of us, it might be one of the first phones we ever owned. And for the younger lot, it could be the phone their parents had and the one they tried hard to sneak out every night to play a round or two of the classic Snake game.

The Nokia 3310 phone had still managed to live in our memories through memes and trolls that heaped praise on the quality of the phone. It was often used as a comparative tool to take a dig at the modern phones for their low battery life and weak build.

For quite a while now, brand Nokia (or rather HMD) has been teasing some news about the re-launch of its old 3310 model phone. After being on the top tech news charts for some time and raising enough curiosity among the consumers, the Nokia 3310 phone has finally come out this week. It has gone on sale in India through offline stores. The battery standby life is up to a month.

It is available in 4 different colors: Warm Red (Glossy), Dark Blue (Matte), Yellow (Glossy), Grey (Matte).

Nokia 3310 Red Nokia 3310 Yellow Nokia 3310 Grey Nokia 3310 Dark Blue


 Display 2.4 Inch QVGA
 Camera 2 MP Rear Camera with LED flash
 Internal Memory 16 MB ROM
 Expandable Memory 32 GB (Using Micro SD Card)
 Battery 1200 mAh (Removable), Max. talk time: Up to 22.1 hours, Max. standby time: Up to 31 days
 Other features Single Sim, 2G Connectivity, FM radio, MP3 player
 Weight 133 g
 OS Nokia Series 30+

The new Nokia 3310 phone is a fresh take on its old 3310 model. It has made some slight modifications to its design and adds more funky colors into the mix. But, the overall feel and look of the original device is kept intact. The old 3310 model phone was often associated with its tough build that made it seem indestructible.

The makers have assured that the new phone will have the same solid build quality of its original. And just like its predecessor, the new phone is expected to have a long battery life sufficient to take you through days of usage. Another high-point is that it does come with the classic Snake game most of us have a nostalgic affinity for.

The Nokia 3310 phone does not try to compete with any modern smartphones. And, it does not come with features like 3G and 4G connectivity and Wi-Fi support to make it smarter! Just like its original, the Nokia 3310 remains as a feature phone. At an affordable pricing of 3310 rupees, the phone has all the specs people look for in a phone in this segment.

From what we have seen so far, the intention of the brand is clear. They are trying to sell us our nostalgia, and it seems to work to a large extent.


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